Workshopverfahren Checkpoint Charlie

On the fallow land surrounding the former border crossing “Checkpoint Charlie”, a hotel, a museum, residential buildings, offices and retail shops are to be built. Berlin’s torn history is still very tangible here. To this date, the neighbourhoods “Mitte” and “Kreuzberg” have not grown together. The concept aims at connecting these neighbourhoods, without completely concealing their historic division.

The firewalls, remnants of the War and postwar periods are to remain cleared, especially those in direct proximity to the former border crossing. It is here that the planned construction will take a back seat: graduations will culminate towards the edges of the construction area and oscillate away from the border crossing which is to be highlighted. Important visual perspectives are to remain intact.

The concept proposes a unique project in Berlin’s cityscape, shaped in particular by the regulations of the site, which is to remain accessible to the public.