Werksviertel München

Reconstruction “Werk 1” and Construction “Werk 14”
A new urban quarter is to be developed on a former industrial plot covering an area of 38 hectares, just behind Munich’s “Ostbahnhof” train station. In the centre of the area lies the former factory site of “Pfanni”. The industrial buildings here will largely be revitalised and will form an exciting contrast between old and new. As will the building reconstructed by Hild und K “Werk 1”. The former nucleus of the “Pfanni” production will have a new building added to the west, named “Werk 14”. The latter is to house retail stores and restaurants, offices, studios, ateliers, practice rooms as well as apartments and a children’s day care centre. To ensure the electricity supply for the whole area, a block-type thermal power station was created in the basement of “Werk 1”. It will be fully functional in 2017.

Hotel “Werk 17”
“Werk 17” will stand on an area formerly used as a parking lot. A ground floor, six stories and three lower levels including an underground parking space are to be constructed. The ground floor will house retail stores, a small restaurant and a lobby for a two-star hotel with four-star comfort. The upper floors will comprise 303 hotel rooms. On the virtually square foundation envisioned in the building plan, a u-shaped structure will be erected until the 3rd floor and the 4th to 7th floors will be l-shaped. Distributing the bulk of the building from a four-storey to a seven-storey building on Atelierstrasse, is encouraged by urban planning and represents a gradual and acceptable increase in height. The façade reacts to the lively and nuanced elaboration of the building: elements of coloured concrete will contain large tiles, which like a curtain of scales will create an interesting picture of light and shadow.

Backstage „Werk 4“
A new backstage area is to be added to Hall 4 (Werk 4 or Tonhalle), presently used as a concert venue. The backstage is to have 24 shipping containers arranged on two levels. Facilities such as artists changing rooms, production offices, a cash desk, pop-up stores and catering amenities for the outdoor beer garden will be “stacked up” here.