Münchener Rück – Lila Zimmer

The requirement here was the best possible atmosphere in the room, and this is also created by the best possible lighting for the meeting situation.

Spatial geometry
The room is very narrow and the only window is placed asymmetrically, which makes ideal furnishing difficult. A traditional lamp above the table would have created an unpleasant effect because of the window position. The premise for redesigning the room was to create a well-lit meeting area, but without placing the light source over the table. The spatial geometry was adapted to meet this idea: an asymmetrical vaulted, wire lattice plaster ceiling was installed as counterpart to a long-field Corian lamp that corresponded to it geometrically on the periphery of the room. Distorting the two parts provided central lighting for the conference table without a lamp hanging directly above it.

Technical equipment
Tanks are built into the fixed conference table, providing connections for IT, telephone, video and power. For visual presentations, wall-mounted flat screens, monitors or back-projection boxes can be controlled from the table. A concealed heating and cooling chest in the window niche guarantees pleasant conditions in the room.

The point at which the inserted ceiling barrel intersects with the geometry of the building is emphasized by a specially designed wall surface. A floral pattern was cut into an encaustic wall surface. The depressions were filled with coloured stucco, then polished to create a unique textile ornament on the wall.