Leuchten Schloss Hohenkammer

The refurbishment of the Renaissance moated castle at Hohenkammer in Upper Bavaria by Hild and K architects is marked by the atmospheric assimilation of old and new. Far beyond the apparent reconstruction, the historical dignity of the much neglected building was to be restored.

The lighting, designed by Andreas Hild and Dionys Ottl together with Michael Schmidt Bernd König Lichtplaner, parallels this concept. The lamps are variations of a basic model and can be found throughout the castle: as wall lamps in common and access areas, hanging alone or in clusters in seminar rooms and catering areas. In the stairwells, they are assembled like chains linking the storeys of the building. The lamps, derived from a basic cube shape, are reminiscent of lanterns. White, translucent glass is mounted in black-oxide finished angles.

In the large ballroom there is a special variant. Stripes were printed on the satined glass and, together with a cleverly devised interior around a chrome-plated steel rod, they provide a variety of different lighting atmospheres. Archaic design blends with the theatrical technology and possibilities of the 21st century.