Lagerhalle Kemeter

A new building in Eichstätt: a paint hall, a warehouse, a sales area, a wholesale area and a consumers’ market.

The building was planned as a single-span hall, as foundations are difficult in the flood plain of the nearby river Altmühl, making a prestressed single-span truss significantly more financially viable than a smaller span with several supports.

The prestressed concrete prefabricated truss spans over 28 m. The fixed-end supports are set 6.25 m apart. The frost aprons form a base and were constructed as sandwich elements. The customer car park is at the front, beside a thoroughfare. A low-level delivery road was built at the rear of the hall. The interior is essentially a container for shelving. Special fire-proof storage facilities, intended for solvents and other particularly flammable materials, are sited at the front under an office section.

The back of the building is a cast-in-situ concrete wall, which is free-standing under the truss. At the front, an office section, also free-standing, was placed between the axes. The gaps thus left between this and the truss are filled with glass bricks and a sectional concrete facade respectively.

Porous Concrete
Because of the high fire risk in the building all the sections had to be built in  fireproof 90 materials, so a porous concrete facade was used. Trade-standard porous concrete elements in six lengths and three widths were combined in such a way that three different window sizes resulted. The thicker elements form a protective protrusion above the windows, which are frameless and flush with the façade. The recessed sections accommodate the exterior lighting in the eaves area.

A paint dealer’s factory – and it manages without a coat of outside paint. The materials create and impact on the basis of their own colouring. The frost aprons have such a strangely irregular surface because they were not hand-finished after being shaken on the vibrating table, but left “rough as shaken”. The cast-in-situ concrete is made with broad rough tongue-and-groove shuttering, and the prefabricated parts come from smooth steel shuttering, The metal parts are either coated with a micaceous iron oxide paint or constructed from roller-smooth aluminium. The porous concrete was not coated as usual, but treated with a specially developed mineral glaze. In this way it retains its lively structure, which usually disappears under a layer of acrylate.