Erweiterung Stammhaus Dallmayr

The proposed design reacts in the floor plan and the segmentation of the facade to the historic property parcel structure. A building, which appears as a bay-like risalit on Altenhof Street, completes the existing structure on the southern side. A four-storey building continues the development along the street. On the corner of Burg Street, this building is literally embraced by a three-storey volume. Thus the whole complex is stepped one floor down towards the street and corresponds approximately to the historic volumetry. The recess in the area of the car lift forms a counterpart to the opposite side of the street and thereby achieves a spatial expansion of Altenhof Street.

The architecture orients itself on the (post-war) reconstruction architecture typical of Munich. This has shown in particular that it is possible to create a sensitive link to the historical building without having to react historically oneself. The main theme of the proposal is the interlocking – of old and new, but also of public and private space.